Risk Management, Internal Compliance & Control Systems

RCF recognises that all aspects of our business involve significant risk, including both threats (downside risk) and opportunities (upside risk). We are committed to managing all sources of risk in a proactive and effective manner through competent risk management. This requires high quality risk analysis to allow appropriate management decision to be taken at all levels in the company. A number of systems are in place to identify and manage risk, these include: The identification and regular review of all significant business risk facing the company. The provision of information by management to the board, on a periodic basis, as to the status of any plans, controls, policies and/or procedures to manage the significant business risks. Guidelines for ensuring that capital expenditures and revenue commitments exceeding certain approved limits are placed before the board for approval. Limits and controls for all financial exposures, including the uses of derivatives

Others include:

  • Continuous disclosure Shares trading policy
  • Board performance and appraisal process in accordance with the requirement of its charter, the board perform annual evaluation of its performance and sets out the goals and objective of the Board for the upcoming year.
  • Board charter
  • Audit & risk committee charter
  • Remuneration committee charter
  • Compliance sub-committee charter
  • Schedule of board reserved matter
  • Director’s conflict policy
  • HSE committee charter

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