Sustainability Vision

Delivering responsible environmental and social business practices that led to the creation of strong economic returns for our shareholder and shared values for our stakeholders. Our sustainability vision aligns with our core values of Safety, teamwork, Accountability, Respect and Result.

We uphold our sustainability vision by always:

  • Operating as a respectful and transparent company
  • Demonstrating strong environmental stewardship
  • Respecting the traditional rights and values of our host community
  • Respecting, listening and empowering host communities
  • Valuing diversity within our workforce
  • Compliance sub-committee charter
  • Respecting all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Driving commercial innovation and cost savings.

Our performance in these areas shape our social license to operate-something we value and rely on to run a profitable and valued business over the long and short-term.

Our social license to operate is not something we take for granted. We understand that it can only exist by maintaining respectful and trust-based relationship with the communities and government that host our activities.

By delivering on our sustainability vision, and maintaining a social license to operate, there is much we can contribute, not only to shareholders but about society, the broad economy and the environment

  • Environment
  • Community
  • Health & Safety

A Sustainable Lead-ore producer

Operating sustainably with sound business ethics and strong governance ensuring long - term success for our company, our people, the community in which we operate and the RCFMI N ERALS LIMITE land on which we work. Sustainability is central to how we operate at RCF and by making the right decision today we can ensure we maintain our reputation as a valued and respected business for tomorrow and deliver greater economic outcome and shareholder value.

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