Our Operations (Mining Methods)

Mining works in these leaseholds shall be carried out by opencast manual methods with drilling and blasting for fragmentation of minerals and the blasted material be scooped with pick axes, spades and screened manually and loaded onto trucks.

RCF Mineral Limited proposed scientific and eco-friendly blasting using ANFO for achieving I higher production. The excel delay detonators are used as to have negligible impacts on the nearby dwellings. Zinc-Lead ore deposits at the Kanam-Keana-Alkaleri deposits are mined in a number of open pits method. Loose deposits are mined using a bucket track excavator, while over burden, high grade ore and zinc-lead formation require drilling and blasting operation prior to mining with track excavator (crawler).

We intend to extract the zinc and lead ore production to the tune of 150,000TPA during the next three years of the scheme period October 1st, 2019, to October 1st 2022. No sub-grade minerals is anticipated. In order to achieve the production of 150MTPA, the man-power requirement at the mines would be around 400 for maneuvering the machinery and handling the mineral during excavation, breaking (Crushing),loading etc and inclusive of administration and security staff.

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